State laws mandating clinical trial reimbursement

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State laws mandating clinical trial reimbursement

After implementation of the coverage policies in 1999 in four states, there was a 21.7% (95% CI = 3.8% to 42.6%) annual increase in phase II trial enrollment in coverage states, compared with a 15.6% (95% CI = 8.8% to 21.8%) annual decrease in noncoverage states (P A PDF file should load here.

All states with laws addressing coverage of clinical trials require insurers to provide coverage of clinical trials.Clinical trials have become an essential component of modern medical care.The breakneck speed of medical advances and the increased effort to base clinical decisions on reliable evidence place clinical trials in an ever more prominent position between medical innovation and medical practice. State Cancer Legislative Database Program Kristianna G. Phase II: Study expanded to a larger group (100-300 people) to evaluate effectiveness and safety. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Phase I: Study testing a new drug/treatment for the first time in a small group (20-80 people) to determine safety, safe dosage range, and side effects.

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