Resolution mandating

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Resolution mandating

And what laws they pass: divining menaces to the Republic in everything from high-speed buses to homeless people’s knapsacks to solar panels, state-level Republicans have gone on the offense.

More often than not they’ve succeeded in getting laws passed that range from counterproductive to downright cruel.

In July 2011, accounts emerged from witnesses, victims, the media, and civil society that government forces had subjected civilians to arbitrary detention, torture, and the deployment and use of heavy artillery.

The Syrian people were also subject to the Shabiha, a heavily armed state-sponsored militia fighting alongside security forces.

Even though California passed an ARF bill for e-waste, in Sept 2007 the State Agency adopted a resolution calling for an extended producer responsibility (EPR) approach and framework for future state policy.

Opposition groups militarize and are accused of human rights violations V. Responses to the Crisis The crisis in Syria was prompted by protests in mid-March 2011 calling for the release of political prisoners.

In our various state houses, the GOP is busy passing laws rather than squashing them.

does the Republican Party drop like an anvil on any improvements to the country that could conceivably pass through our bicameral legislature.

The bill allows for force by “occupants” of “private property”— conditions written so loosely that occupants could refer to a diner or a baseball game attendee or someone watching a movie, while invasion could mean anybody they feel intruding on whatever property they happen to be on.

As Think Progress explained, the bill is basically Stand Your Ground, except it replaces the threat of immediate physical harm with the feeling of invasion.

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What are the conclusions and policy recommendations based on those lessons learned?