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We might be old but we are young at heart and have more experience in life.

Most online dating sites or adults chat rooms sites seem to be geared towards a younger crowd: twenty- and thirty-somethings looking for fun relationships -- or just looking and talk about nothing.

Also, certain granny cam interceptions can violate wiretapping and electronic surveillance statutes.

Finally, it is demoralizing to caregivers and hurts the morale of the team.

These facts taken together strongly support the proposition that states are free to decide for themselves whether nursing homes may prohibit the installation of granny cams in residents' rooms.

So, unless you are in one of those four states, you can prohibit them if you want to. First, granny cams in residents' rooms may violate the privacy rights of various individuals.

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At a minimum, a LTC resident and their roommate have a right to privacy in their room, and their consent to the installation of a granny cam is required.