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Reading this sensory information is part of how we fall in love, which may explain why a Tinder hookup can be fun for a night but is often thrown out with the next morning’s trash.

bout half the sperm banks in the UK have adopted an app called London Sperm Bank Donors that lets prospective mothers swipe through prospective male donors until they find one they like.The sperm is dropped off at a fertility clinic, waiting for insemination. Well, maybe—but in reality, choosing a partner with whom to procreate is anything but a game. (I know, gross.)These chemical signals can tell us if they’re healthy, and the right sexual fit. Psychologist Devendra Singh told ABC News, Singh says ovulating women may thus appear more confident, and our own experience shows women tend to pick confident men, too.In fact, it’s our prime biological imperative, and over millions of years our bodies have developed sophisticated mechanisms to make sure we make the proper selection. When we meet a prospective partner, our eyes scan his or her face, but it doesn’t stop there. We humans use a combination of senses, and our brain, to judge demeanor.Co, an online sperm donor forum has announced a record number of registrants on its forum, more than 22,000. Co is a dating site for co-parenting and sperm donors.The forum also has crossed 1200 sperm donors or co-parents for the U. The social networking website is aimed at connecting and introducing men, women and couples who would like to have a baby but haven’t found the right person to have one with yet.

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